JOBST® soSoft

Extra Soft Compression for Comfortable Moments

JOBST soSoft compression stockings provide therapeutic compression for venous diseases while being comfortable and fashionable. Due to their soft touch, you can easily wear them all day long. With JOBST soSoft, you can manage your condition effectively without compromising comfort and style.

Soft Compression That Is Gentle to the Skin

JOBST soSoft are compression stockings with an extra-soft touch that is gentle to the skin. They are available in Brocade and rib pattern, giving them the look of fashion socks. JOBST soSoft compression stockings help prevent swelling, and are a comfortable solution for managing pain and discomfort from venous diseases.
When you’re looking for therapeutic compression stockings that provide a sense of well-being in your legs, then JOBST soSoft is your perfect fit. Besides their soft touch and attractive design, they are designed to be easily put on and taken off. Long-lasting yarns are used to reinforce the heel and toes, making these compression stockings extremely durable.

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