Our History



Conrad Jobst founded JOBST® in Toledo, Ohio. Born in Germany, Conrad was both a mechanical engineer and inventor. He applied his varied expertise and personal experience to the development of gradient compression garments, which relieve the symptoms of venous insufficiency.


After Conrad's death his wife, Caroline Jobst, successfully grew the business. Under her leadership, JOBST® expanded the product lines to include ready-to-wear vascular garments, consumer support stockings, plastic and reconstructive surgery garments, and anti-embolism stockings. Sales extended to virtually every continent as the JOBST® reputation for quality grew.


VARITEX Deutschland - the predecessor of JOBST® in Europe - became established in Emmerich on the Lower Rhine in Germany and began cooperation with professionals in phlebology and lymphology. At that time the first compression stockings were made of hand-operated machines. The company worked from the beginning closely together with leading lymphological and phlebological specialist clinics and developed, according to the therapeutic needs and to the requirements of the individual patients, flat knit stockings both in series and made to measure.


Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg, acquired VARITEX.


Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg, acquired JOBST® USA.


Varitex was renamed in JOBST® Germany.


JOBST® Germany and JOBST® USA became affiliate companies of BSN Medical, a joint venture of the medical division of Beiersdorf, Hamburg, and Smith & Nephew, London plc. The company name changed into BSN-JOBST®.


JOBST® Germany was renamed into BSN-JOBST® GmbH.


BSN medical was acquired in 2006 by Montagu Private Equity, a leading private equity investor in the European mid-market.


The company was acquired by EQT VI. EQT is the leading private equity group in Northern Europe with close to € 1.8 billion in raised capital and multiple investment strategies.

Quality standards

Starting with its founder, Conrad Jobst, who suffered from venous disease, JOBST® has always had the strongest commitment to improving the quality of life for those with venous disease or swelling related conditions.

Since the times of Conrad Jobst, we are committed to the highest quality standards. To be able to meet the highest standards our products are subject to strict quality controls. Interviews and tests with patients and medical staff help us to develop treatment-oriented and patient-friendly products. Trust grows through quality and reliability. Therefore, you can trust as a competent partner in compression therapy BSN-JOBST® any time.

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