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JOBST® Relax

The management of lymphoedema is complex and requires your special attention 24 hours a day. When you come home to rest, JOBST® Relax protects your lymphoedema in an especially gentle way without bothering you.

Would you like to learn more about how JOBST® Relax changed the life of others?

Sarah: "For me my biggest problem was waking up in the morning with my leg feeling hot and puffy still, so the night garment has really solved that problem for me by giving me continued compression throughout the night”


Silvia: "This feeling at night - you do not realize that you are wearing it!"


Steffen: "I have the feeling, that I have good compression on my leg, without it beeing uncomfortable."



JOBST® Relax is a product designed to complement day-time compression garments and offers an alternative to night-time compression solutions such as compression bandages.

Sarah:"When I would bandage my leg at night I found that I was waking up a lot with bandages off, they kept unravelling or I had the opposite problem where it was too tight and I woke up at 3 AM.”

What makes JOBST® Relax so special?

The unique 3D knitting technology with monofilament spacer provides all the well-known benefits of JOBST ® Elvarex combined with cushioning and breathability for more comfort during the relax and sleep hours:

Steffen: “When I wake up in the morning and take the stocking off, the whole leg is very nicely patterned, supple and thin. The effects of the drainage, which takes place overnight anyway, have been made even stronger by the night-time compression garment!”

Sarah: "When I wake up in the morning after wearing my night garment, I can really see the difference in the tissue on my leg, because it is a lot softer and I can see that it’s got little dents where the skin has been micromassaged."



Find out more about JOBST® Relax and the available styles and colors

JOBST® Relax is intended for mild to severe lymphoedema patients in the maintenance phase, who are looking for a garment that will better suit their lifestyle:

Compression levels

  • CCL1 – 15-20 mmHg
  • CCL2 – 20-30 mmHg


Upper extremities: armsleeve (CG1) or armsleeve with handpiece/gauntlet (AG1)

Lower extremities: below knee (AD) or thigh high (AG)*

All styles can come with an optional zipper to ease donning


JOBST®Relax is for more than a good night’s sleep: The slim-line, flexible and lightweight design makes it ideal for relaxing before bedtime.



24h Lymphoedema Care

For your more active hours good lymphoedema care will require a day garment, such as JOBST® Elvarex. JOBST® Elvarex offers a wide range of custom-made flat-knit garments from fingers to toes. To read more, click here.