SoftFit™ Technology

SoftFit™ Technology - A revolution in compression stockings


As the pioneer and founder of gradient compression, JOBST® continually strives to provide medically effective compression therapy products, without compromising on comfort or style. Now, SoftFit™ technology sets a new standard in compression hosiery combining increased comfort and effective CVD management.


A gripping new idea

Traditionally, compression stockings have used a slightly higher pressure at the top band to keep them in place above the calf. As all legs are not shaped the same, this can result in different levels of tension in the top band among wearers, resulting in some wearing experiences being better than others. Now, with the unique patent-pending SoftFit™ technology by JOBST®, it is now possible to achieve both effective CVD treatment and a comfortable wearing experience at the same time. This is achieved by a silicone yarn knit directly into the fabric which creates a soft-stay zone at the top band.


A unique silicone yarn brings the solution

Thanks to patent-pending knitted-in silicone yarns in the inner welt area, the SoftFit™ technology improves both comfort and efficacy. The specially siliconised yarns adhere softly to the skin and keep the stockings in place. As a result, the pressure in the top band area can be lowered in favour of higher wearing comfort.


High-Tech solution for double impact

TRUE GRADIENT COMPRESSION: SoftFit™ technology reduces the pressure in the knee band. This enables true gradient compression which supports the natural venous blood flow from distal to proximal.

ADVANCED COMFORT: SoftFit™ technology enables patients to feel the increased comfort. Patients who are confident to get proper therapy, can now enjoy their improved health with more freedom.

Greater compliance means improved outcomes

Improved outcomes:

  • Better for patients so they can feel confident they are getting proper therapy and can focus on other things in life
  • Better for medical professionals because SoftFit™ technology allows patients to be compliant which may help
    delay progression to severe stages of CVD
  • Better for medical retailers as more compliance means more wear which in turn means more sales


SoftFit™ Technology is now available on

JOBST® UltraSheer

JOBST® Opaque