What Jobst can do

Medical gradient compression stockings help the veins where they need it most: from the ankle upwards. This brings a noticeable improvement in the blood flow in your legs.

Medical gradient compression stockings come in three different compression levels designed to help specific venous conditions.Your doctor will prescribe or recommend the right compression class to ensure medically effective management of your venous condition.

Customized solutions: JOBST® Medical LegWear

For over 60 years, JOBST® is dedicated to meeting your needs. We offer the highest quality products that range from medical hosiery to bandages. We research our products to make sure they meet our promise of the highest efficacy.

If you thought medical gradient compression stockings could not look and wear like fine fashion hosiery, think again. And take a closer look at JOBST® medical gradient compression hosiery. The wide variety of colours, textures and lengths available in the JOBST® Medical LegWear range means you do not need to sacrifice style and comfort in wearing medical gradient compression hosiery because nobody else will know what you are wearing. JOBST® Medical LegWear products are made of particularly durable, soft and breathable materials so you stay comfortable however long you wear them. JOBST® Medical LegWear really can be worn all day, every day and on any occasion!

Our brands are the best in the industry.

JOBST® UltraSheer provides the sheerest gradient compression hosiery in its class.

JOBST® Opaque is the softest and JOBST® forMen is uniquely designed for men.

Our custom products are backed with over 60 years of experience in fitting and design.

Customer satisfaction is not only our goal, but our promise.