JOBST Trend Colors 2021/22

Happy colors that want to be seen:

our brand-new JOBST Trend Colors,

Magenta Rose and Palm Green


Who says compression garments can’t be expression garments?

Take the chance to color up your life with our latest JOBST Trend Colors for 2021/2022 – Magenta Rose and Palm Green


These fashionable colors complement this season’s trends and allow you to integrate your compression seamlessly into your outfits.



Compression for the colorful side of life

JOBST Trend Colors are only available for JOBST Opaque and JOBST UltraSheer, for a limited period.

They are designed to combine reliable compression technology with splendid comfort and a vibrant, modern style your patients can wear everyday.





Show your true colors –

with JOBST Trend Colors*




*These colors are only available for a limited period of one year from September 2021. Please check availability in your country with your local dealer.





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