Choosing the Right Compression for Lymphedema and Lipedema

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JOBST®: The Right Compression for Any Lifestyle

Compression garments play a central role in the treatment of lymphedema and lipedema. They can significantly improve your symptoms and reduce your swelling. With the right garment, you can manage your condition while confidently living life the way you want to.

Together with your healthcare professional, you will find a garment that supports your needs and fits your lifestyle.

Discuss your needs and preferences with your healthcare provider to find the garment that is best for you.

You and JOBST: Ready to Live Your Life Your Way

Our compression garments for both upper and lower extremities are designed for all the experiences that go with a healthy lifestyle. JOBST offers a wide range of compression solutions that support you when you need them.

Behind Every Condition Is a Person

Our priority is to provide you with highly personalized comfort from the first wearing. Therefore, we develop products that aim to meet your individual medical and lifestyle needs.

Inspired by Your Needs to Make a Real Difference

We develop our products based on insights into the needs of people with lymphedema and lipedema. This way, our innovations support your individual needs and lifestyle. JOBST Confidence is our newest innovation: these compression garments have been expertly designed to precisely fit your body shape, giving you wearing comfort and improved climate control.

To learn more, explore JOBST Confidence here.

Making a Great Choice

Finding a garment that fits in with your lifestyle and allows you to continue doing the things you love will help managing your condition.  Discuss your personal preferences with your healthcare professional to find the right JOBST solution for you.

Do you want to learn more about our compression garments? Our Product Finder gives you some insights into the various JOBST products.



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