JOBST® Donning Aids and Accessories

For Easier Handling of Your Compression Therapy

Getting your compression garments on and off can sometimes be a challenge. Donning aids and accessories for application can make it easier to handle your compression garments.

For More Independent Management of Your Condition

JOBST donning aids and accessories can support your compression therapy as they help you to handle your compression garments:

  • They can be used for arms and legs. They are designed to support you to put on your garments and allow you to apply compression stockings even when you have a limited range of motion in your back or grip strength
  • They help to avoid damage to your garments caused by finger nails, rough skin, or jewelry

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Extra Tip

Besides donning aids and accessories, there are helpful tips and tricks for easier application. Make sure that your skin is dry before putting on your garments. Avoid any greasy ointments, body lotions or similar substances to get in contact with your compression stockings.

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Donning Aids and Accessories

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