Compression Bandages for Vein Therapy

How Bandages Support Your Edema Management

JOBST® bandages offer the right solution for various venous diseases. They help prevent swelling, support the function of the muscle pump and thereby improve venous blood flow. Compression bandages can be adjusted to optimally fit your individual shape and size. During the edema reduction phase, the swelling of the affected limb constantly decreases. Compression bandages have the advantage that they can be continuously adapted to volume changes. They can be worn for several days (except for weeping wounds) and can be suitable for sensitive skin.

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Short-Stretch Bandages

JOBST short-stretch bandages are used for the management of various venous and lymphatic diseases. Among these are thrombotic conditions (such as thrombophlebitis and phlebothrombosis), varicosis, and chronic venous insufficiency, including venous edema, skin changes, and venous leg ulcers. JOBST short-stretch bandages can also be applied for edema management in primary and secondary lymphedema, or after vein surgery.

What Else You Should Know About Compression Bandages

Only experienced practitioners with appropriate training should apply compression bandages. Bandaging for venous diseases usually involves your affected limb and may also include the adjacent hand or foot. The bandages should be applied in a way that they exert the needed pressure but still allow free movement of your limb. Depending on the severity of your condition, the bandages can be worn for several days (except for weeping wounds). Once your swelling has reduced sufficiently, your limb can be measured for appropriate compression stockings.

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Short-stretch BandagesCompression Bandage KitsLong-stretch BandagesZinc BandagesFoam Paddings and Bandages

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