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How JOBST® Compression Stockings Support You Every Day

Did you know that venous diseases affect about every third to fourth adult person worldwide?

If you are affected by heavy legs, varicose veins, or other venous diseases, wearing compression stockings should be a part of your daily life. JOBST Everyday compression stockings are the right choice to comfortably manage your venous condition on a daily basis.

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JOBST all-round stockings are designed to provide comfortable compression for everday use. In addition to looking like regular socks, they can be stylishly worn with casual or business outfits. They are available in ranges for women (JOBST UltraSheer and JOBST Opaque) and men (JOBST forMen and JOBST forMen Ambition).
Are you looking for solid medical compression stockings for all-round use? Then JOBST Basic or JOBST Relief could be your perfect fit: they combine high wearing comfort with long-lasting durability.

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