JOBST® SoftFit

JOBST SoftFit - To Make Your Life More Comfortable

A longer wearing time of your compression stockings supports a better therapy outcome. This is why comfort is so important when you want to stick to continuous compression.

Comfortable Compression With a Secure Fit

With JOBST SoftFit, we empower you to confidently and comfortably jump into the joy of life without worrying that your garments are sliding down.

Stockings with the unique JOBST SoftFit technology have a fine silicone yarn knitted into the top band to keep the stockings in place without digging into your skin.

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Product lines with the JOBST SoftFit technology are marked with the JOBST SoftFit logo. You can experience the JOBST SoftFit technology in several product lines. JOBST Opaque, JOBST UltraSheer, JOBST forMen Ambition and JOBST Classic are compression stockings for everyday needs. JOBST Style, with its fashionable argyle design, is the perfect fit for styles in any season; whereas JOBST Maternity Opaque supports your legs during pregnancy. All these compression stockings are equipped with the unique JOBST SoftFit technology.





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