JOBST® Top Bands

Top Bands Designed for Better Hold

JOBST compression stockings are offered in various customized options to better meet your needs. Top bands are one of these options: they are designed for better hold and are available in different styles for different occasions.


Customized Options With Different Styles

Several JOBST compression stockings are available with a variety of top bands that are designed for efficient grip and better hold.* You can choose between different top band styles:

Micro dots:

The micro dots top band has been specifically designed for higher wearing comfort and for people with sensitive skin. The micro dots are designed to leave less marks on the skin while preventing sliding down of the garment.

JOBST Micro dots top band is available for JOBST Elvarex and JOBST Elvarex Soft.

Decorated dot:

This dotted silicone band with a stylish twist is the ideal choice for those who prefer the silicone dotted band, but with an additional decorative design.

The decorated dotted top band is available for JOBST UltraSheer.


JOBST quality lace promises both comfort and elegance. Delicate and dependable - a perfect choice for any fashionable occasion.

The lace top band is available for JOBST UltraSheer.


The stylish ZigZag band has a special silicone pattern to help the thigh stockings stay in place.

The ZigZag top band is available for JOBST Maternity Opaque.


JOBST Sensitive thigh band has been developed with one thing in mind: patient comfort. It is made with a new process that weaves siliconized thread into the band rather than coating silicone onto the surface of the fabric. This top band is gentle to the skin.

The JOBST Sensitive top band is available for JOBST UltraSheer, JOBST Opaque and JOBST Classic.

*The availability of top bands depends on the product, length type and region. Please consult your local dealer for more information.


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