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Compression therapy is the key element of lymphedema and lipedema treatment. JOBST® understands that a comfortable garment is important to manage your condition in the long term.

Compression Counts - Comfort too

Daytime garments are designed to apply the pressure required to manage your lymphedema swelling or your lipedema symptoms. Lymphedema and lipedema are long-term (chronic) diseases and need constant treatment. That’s why your garment provides both: sufficient compression and comfort.

At JOBST you will find a wide range of compression garments for different stages of lymphedema and lipedema, as well as for different occasions and styles. Whether you’re looking for muted colors or prefer a more vivid style, you will find the right one for you.

Inspired by Healthy Lifestyles  

We have designed a collection of garments based on our decades of experience with the specific needs of daytime compression.

For the management of lymphedema in the upper extremities, JOBST Bella is a ready-to-wear assortment, made of soft and breathable fabric.
JOBST Confidence is a made-to-measure assortment, designed for mild to moderate lymphedema or lipedema* for all who love to move freely. For more severe symptoms, JOBST Elvarex made-to-measure products give you stronger containment.

*without pronounced skin folds and shape distortions.

Our Product Overview gives you some insights into the various JOBST products. Together with your healthcare professional, you will find the garment that is best for you.

What Patients Are Saying

"To move freely and without additional pain through the day, that feeling is worth gold."

– Ricarda, Lipedema patient

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