JOBST® Style

Everyday Style and Comfort

JOBST Style compression socks fit perfectly for casual wear. Thanks to a blend of soft, natural fibers, they can feel like conventional socks. With their argyle design and fashionable colors, they are a perfect option for various styles in any season.

Step Out in Style

JOBST Style compression socks have the look and feel of normal socks while providing gradient medical compression. Their special blend of soft yarns supports comfortable wearing. JOBST Style compression socks feature a fashionable argyle design that easily blends into daily life: so they’re not seen as compression socks but as part of your style. Optionally, they are available with the unique JOBST SoftFit technology that helps keep the stockings in place without digging into your skin

Fewer Loose Ends Mean Reduced Pressure Marks

JOBST Style for more comfort of your patients’ legs: Our unique knitting sequence helps to minimize pressure marks.
In conventional patterned compression socks, the yarn that creates the pattern leaves loose ends on the inside of the sock, which leave an impression in the patients’ skin after wearing.

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