JOBST® Confidence

Level up your comfort

JOBST Confidence is our leading compression garment for people living with mild and moderate lymphedema* or lipedema. It is crafted to meet your unique needs, ensuring an optimized level of comfort.

JOBST Confidence features a unique Contour Fit technology, effortlessly conforming to the contours of your body shape, and advanced moisture management system to keep the skin dry.

According to a clinical study, JOBST Confidence compression was best rated for comfort when compared to a previously worn product, and 7 out of 10 patients would recommend JOBST Confidence.**

Ready to find a new level of comfort? Get to know the new JOBST Confidence styles that are now available as Panty, Thigh High, Knee High, and Arm Sleeve.

*Footnote: without pronounced skin folds and shape distortions
**Based on the results of a clinical study. 85 lymphedema patients evaluated "general wearing comfort" for their previously worn product and JOBST Confidence and were asked if they would recommend JOBST Confidence. Results have been accepted for publication in February 2024.

Inspired by Patient Needs, Developed with Next-Generation Technology

Move freely with the new Contour Fit

  • Unlike traditional flat-knit, Countour Fit adapts the fit of the garments at four instead of one positions on the limb. This creates a garment that truly replicates the unique form of your body.
  • Special Contour Points show where the garment has been individually tailored to allow your patients to move freely.

Unique built-in Moisture Management

  • Integrates a unique material construction and yarn composition to offer optimal moisture management.
  • High-performance fabrics wick away moisture and keep your skin dry, leaving a comfortable feeling all day long.

Softer yarn meets firm support

  • Softer yarn supports a pleasant feeling on the skin and also gives the reassurance of a firm support.
  • Special knitting construction also helps to provide more flexibility and comfort.

Discover the Panty Styles

With JOBST Confidence, we created something unique: a compression garment that provides a dedicated knitting pattern for both lymphedema and lipedema patients.* The new JOBST Confidence panty styles feature an innovative design that better follows the natural shape of your body.

*without pronounced skin folds and shape distortions

Empower yourself for the next step

Lymphedema and lipedema are long-term conditions and compression therapy plays a central role in their management. JOBST Confidence has been designed to meet your needs for a more comfortable garment. Contact your local dealer for more information about the different styles and colours of JOBST Confidence.


Discover our JOBST Confidence Products

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Care for yourself

Taking a lead role in your lymphedema or lipedema treatment will help contribute to the success of your therapy and your overall well-being. A healthy lifestyle with regular movement and daily skin care are just a few options of self-care. Check out the tips below on how you can improve your self-care routine.

Support your lymphedema treatment

Set Goals: Work with your healthcare professional to set yourself achievable goals. These can be reviewed after a short time to avoid getting stuck in habits that don’t work for you. This should prevent you from becoming overwhelmed in your self-care plan.


Move that Lymph: Exercise and regular movement activates your muscles pump and increases the lymph flow out of swollen areas. Try Nordic walking, swimming, yoga and aqua-gym.

Care for your skin: Keeping your skin properly hydrated and crack-free is essential in preventing infections, such as bacterial cellulitis. Avoid taking hot showers and moisture twice daily with an appropriate product that should be well absorbed before applying your garments. 


Give yourself a massage: Light, repetitive skin-stretching movements help to move the lymphatic fluid from your swollen areas. Ask your healthcare professional to show you how to apply Self Lymphatic Drainage.

Support your lipedema treatment

Step up the pace! Generally speaking, the fitter you are, the healthier you are. Being active also helps with your general well-being. Maintaining daily activity and physical exercise is important - swimming and other exercises in 
water are particularly helpful because they reduce strain on joints and muscles.


Maintain a healthy weight: Keeping your weight healthy is an important element of your lipedema management. Keep your weight as stable as possible - try to avoid ‘fad’ diets as they are hard to maintain. Adopting a healthy, regular and well-balanced approach to eating will be far more successful and sustainable in the long term.

Get a helping hand: In addition to the physical aspects, the psychological impact on your condition plays an important part and needs to be adressed in the management of your lipedema. Finding ways to help build your confidence and emotional well-being can really help you confront your condition. Your healthcare professional can support you, plus there are many educational resources online to help.

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