JOBST® Short-Stretch Bandages

When to Use JOBST Short-Stretch Bandages

JOBST short-stretch bandages are used for the management of various venous and lymphatic diseases. Among these are thrombotic conditions (such as thrombophlebitis and phlebothrombosis), varicosis, and chronic venous insufficiency, including venous edema, skin changes, and venous leg ulcers. JOBST short-stretch bandages can also be applied for edema management in primary and secondary lymphedema, or after vein surgery.

How Short-Stretch Compression Bandages Work

There are two main categories of compression bandages: short-stretch and long-stretch. They differ in their ability to be stretched from their original length.

Short-stretch bandages are compression bandages which do not stretch more than 100% of their original size. These bandages have a high stiffness and create a tight containment against which the muscles contract. A desired level of compression can be applied at rest, called resting pressure, whereas the pressure temporarily increases during movement (working pressure). This helps to transport the lymph fluid and the venous blood to the center of the body, thereby reducing edema. The principles of resting and working pressure are illustrated on the left. The bandager can vary the exerted pressure of a short-stretch bandage by using more or less strength during application. In general, the difference between resting and working pressure is greater for short-stretch than for long-stretch bandages.
Compression bandages can be combined with pads to either increase or evenly distribute the pressure on your affected limb. Pads can also improve comfort and can be used to protect the skin over bony eminences.

Suitable for Lymphatic and Venous Conditions

JOBST short-stretch bandages are made of air-permeable material. If properly applied at constant stretch, they create a decreasing pressure gradient from the distal body part (like the ankle or wrist) to the proximal body part (like the thigh or arm).
JOBST Comprilan is made of 100% cotton, whereas JOBST Compridur is made of 78% cotton and 22% polyamide.
JOBST Comprihaft is made of 98% cotton, <1% polyurethane and <1% polyamide. It is cohesive and adheres to itself.

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