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JOBST FarrowWrap is a range of adjustable compression devices that support you to confidently care for your own needs and manage your edema independently. Made with durable short-stretch fabrics, they help to reduce limb swelling and maintain edema reduction, as well as to promote the healing of venous leg ulcers.

Conditions to Manage with JOBST FarrowWrap

Lymphedema: Similar to compression bandages, JOBST FarrowWrap has the advantage of being adjustable. Its VELCRO® hook & loop brand bands can be adjusted to changes in your limb size and shape as soon as the swelling decreases.

Venous diseases: Compression therapy is the key element of treating vein diseases. JOBST FarrowWrap 4000 promotes the healing of leg ulcers caused by venous diseases.

The Technology Behind JOBST FarrowWrap

JOBST FarrowWrap offers the benefits of multi-layer bandaging but was designed for easier application. Adjustable VELCRO® brand bands allow you to respond to fluctuating edema levels throughout the day. You can simply tighten or loosen the wrap as needed.
The bands have an overlapping* design, which not only provides the support needed to control edema but also helps reduce the formation of localized edema between the bands.

*Overlapping bands not on JOBST FarrowWrap 4000

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Features and Advantages of JOBST FarrowWrap

Adjustable compression devices such as JOBST FarrowWrap help to maintain your edema reduction and counteract new swelling. See how they can help you take control of your edema management:

JOBST FarrowWrap Liners

JOBST FarrowWrap Liners are part of the VELCRO® brand hook & loop system. They provide a protective base upon which to secure the elastic wraps. It is recommended to wear liners underneath all FarrowWrap pieces, except ready-to-wear arm pieces. JOBST FarrowWrap Liners are suitable for regular washing so that you can wear fresh liners every day.

Choose From 3 Types of Liners Within the FarrowWrap Assortment

We offer three types of FarrowWrap Liners with different characteristics to suit your needs.



Extra Tip

Fold the VELCRO® brand hook and loop fastener back on itself when removing the product or before washing*. This will make it easier to reapply the product next time and also avoids damaging the garment. Follow the provided care instructions to ensure a longer life span for your wrap.

* with the exception of JOBST FarrowWrap CLASSIC

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