JOBST® Compression Bandage Kits

When to Use JOBST Compression Bandage Kits

JOBST compression bandage kits are multilayer compression systems that can be used for a variety of venous and lymphatic conditions. They help reduce and prevent the development of edema.

JOBST compression bandage kits provide graduated compression and are available as two- to four-layer bandaging systems. They allow for easy, safe and quick application. Made of air-permeable material, they can be worn for up to 7 days. 

JOBST Compri2

JOBST Compri2 is a two-layer bandaging system. The first layer is made of stretchable material that can be torn, so that it is easily adjusted. The padding allows even pressure distribution and helps to protect exposed areas.
The second layer comes with a simple, visual compression pressure indicator that makes it easy to apply the required pressure to the limb and helps ensure correct positioning of the bandage. This bandaging system is also available as a JOBST Compri2 lite version when reduced compression pressure is indicated.

JOBST Comprifore

JOBST Comprifore is a four-layer bandaging system that has a high stiffness to provide effective and sustaining compression for up to 7 days. The JOBST Comprifore lite is made of three layers that can be selected when reduced compression is indicated.

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