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Selecting the right pair of socks is a crucial part of your complete foot care routine. JOBST SensiFoot socks have been developed with your unique needs in mind. They are designed to provide the comfort you want with the protection you need with reduced sensation of the feet due to conditions such as diabetes.

JOBST SensiFoot Is More Than a Regular Sock

JOBST SensiFoot socks aim to make proper foot care an easy and comfortable part of your daily routine. Here’s what makes JOBST SensiFoot different from regular socks:

  • Non-irritating toe seam to reduce pressure and irritation
  • Extra padding in the foot, heel, and toe to reduce friction and provide cushioning for comfort
  • Acrylic, multi-fiber yarns to wick away moisture and help keep your feet comfortable and dry
  • Antibacterial, antifungal finish to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi on the socks and help prevent odor

JOBST SensiFoot is available as knee, crew and mini-crew styles and is offered in four different colors (white, black, navy, brown).

Extra Tip: Foot Care With Diabetes

It's especially important to take care for your feet when you have diabetes. Here are a few tips for your everyday foot care:

  • Keep your feet clean and dry
  • Cut or file toenails with the shape of the toe, smoothing all sharp edges
  • Moisturize dry skin with a suitable lotion
  • Avoid injury to the feet. Corns, calluses or ingrowing toenails should only be treated by a professional podiatrist
  • Wear well-fitting shoes made from soft materials
  • Wear well-fitting socks without a thick toe seam, made of a material that wicks moisture away from the skin

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JOBST SensiFoot

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