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We at JOBST® use our medical knowledge, experience and in-depth understanding of your needs to design compression therapy products for lymphatic diseases, lipedema and venous disorders. Our priority is to provide personalized comfort. JOBST compression products deliver tailored solutions that empower you to enjoy your lifestyle, irrespective of your condition. Our innovative solutions help provide more comfort and support without compromise.

JOBST SoftFit – To Make Your Life More Comfortable

Compression stockings with the unique JOBST SoftFit technology have a fine silicone yarn knitted into the knee top band to keep them in place without digging into your skin. The JOBST SoftFit top band was designed to elevate you to a new level of comfort.

JOBST Sensitive

Compression stockings with the patented JOBST Sensitive Silicon Band use interwoven evenly dispersed silicone yarns in the inner band to keep thigh-high stockings in place. This technique supports moisture absorbency and an improved evaporation rate.



Dri-release fiber feels like cotton and offers superior moisture management to help keep your feet dry, cool and comfortable. Dri-release yarns are used in JOBST forMen Casual and in JOBST ActiveWear.


Nighttime compression is an often neglected but important part of lymphedema management. JOBST Relax was developed to be a breathable, comfortable and easy-to-use* nighttime solution for lymphedema patients in the maintenance phase. You will feel the difference and sleep better thanks to its lightweight, breathable features: The airy Comfort Spacer Layer allows air to circulate more easily, while special yarns at the inside of the garment transport perspiration away from the skin, helping to keep you cool and comfortable. JOBST Relax contains Coolmax® yarns. The textured surface is designed to micro-massage the skin and support stimulation of lymph flow while providing low-profile cushioning.

*compared to compression bandaging

Learn more about JOBST Relax here.

3D Seamless Knitting

JOBST Elvarex Plus garments are made with a unique combination of both 3D knitting and seamless flat-knit technologies. 3D knitting works by reducing the loop count or adding new stitches on the compression garment. When integrated into a seamless design, it allows for more precise sculpting of compression garments around contours (such as the palm of the hand) than traditional seamed garments can deliver. This was designed to provide even more comfort and range of motion.

Learn more about JOBST Elvarex Plus here.

Contour Fit Technology

JOBST Confidence stands apart from traditional flat-knit with its unique Contour Fit technology. This technological innovation delivers a one-of-a-kind garment that is as unique as you. The key to the individualized comfort of JOBST Confidence provides lies in the optimized knitting process. Developed with unique Contour Fit Technology, JOBST Confidence garments conform to your body shape even more accurately than ever before. This personally refined fit is designed to not only provide comfort but also to allow you to move more freely in your daily life.

Learn more about JOBST Confidence here.

We Set Superior Standards for Our Products

We are committed to the highest quality standards. Thanks to a long heritage in treating venous and lymphatic diseases, JOBST has become one of the global leading brands in premium compression.
Trust grows through quality and reliability. Therefore, we constantly meet with patients and healthcare professionals for interviews and tests. This helps us to develop treatment-oriented and patient-friendly products.

We follow the strict quality controls of the ISO series and are certified by Dekra and TÜV Nord.

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