JOBST® Foam Paddings and Bandages

For Customized Pressure Distribution and Padding

JOBST foam paddings and bandages are used under compression bandages or garments to evenly distribute and maintain the pressure on the affected limb, fill out skin folds and provide additional comfort where needed. Applied under the compression bandage they can give additional padding or provide extra protection for the skin when treating lymphatic or venous diseases, in edema treatment after trauma or following cast removal.

Get to Know JOBST Foam Paddings and Bandages

JOBST CompriFoam is made of breathable material that is designed to be skin-friendly. The bandages can be washed by hand with mild soap and lukewarm water, which makes them reusable.

JOBST Foam Bandage has a soft, dense texture and can either be used whole or cut into customized shapes and sizes.

JOBST Foam Pad is an air-permeable padding that can be cut to size for individual use, e.g., for support with functional bandages in sports medicine.

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