New JOBST Trend Colors – Comfortable and Stylish Medical Compression Stockings to Match This Season*

Create stylish looks that will help you to feel confident in compression, and ready to live your life.

JOBST Trend Colors, available in two striking yet versatile colors, Bluebell and Eucalyptus, allow you to create styles that are perfect for every place and every occasion. Our compression is easy to wear so you can combine style with comfort.  

JOBST has proudly been creating compression garments for decades, and is a recognized leader in this technology. At JOBST we are dedicated to helping people just like you to live happily and confidently.

*Limited edition, available for one year from September 2023, for JOBST Opaque and JOBST UltraSheer.


Get new essentials for your closet: this year’s JOBST Trend Colors Bluebell and Eucalyptus. The bold new colors are perfectly suited for every occasion and will make you feel confident to stand up to your condition.

JOBST Trend Colors are available for JOBST Opaque and JOBST UltraSheer.

Mix and Match Colors

With the new JOBST Trend Colors compression you can choose two universal colors to match your wardrobe and to create your own unique style – on any given day or occasion.

JOBST Opaque — the comfortable every-day compression stocking

  • Combines functionality with a very soft and pleasant feel
  • Refined opacity hides blemishes and gives a smooth and elegant look
  • Combines compression and comfort with a special blend of soft yarns

JOBST UltraSheer — the stylish compression stocking

  • Stylish and transparent compression stocking for allround use
  • The sheer fabric gives an elegant look
  • Provides a soft silky feel

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