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Feel Lighter During Your Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your veins have to transport about 20% more blood volume to supply your growing child. As you can imagine, this puts a lot of pressure on your veins. Over time, the weight of the uterus further impedes the venous return, causing blood and fluid retention in the lower legs. Therefore, you might have symptoms such as aching legs, swollen legs and ankles or back pain.
JOBST Maternity products are designed to make your legs feel lighter and to provide relief for your belly and back so that you can enjoy this special time.

Compression Helps to Improve Your Well-Being

Wearing medical compression stockings during pregnancy helps reduce swelling, pain and discomfort in the legs and feet. They apply a gradient compression pressure, which is strongest at the ankle and decreases upwards along the leg. This improves blood circulation and supports venous blood return. Besides compression stockings, JOBST offers additional products, such as a support belt for lower back relief.

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JOBST Maternity Opaque is made of a blend of soft yarns for a comfortable feeling on your skin. These special yarns wick moisture away and help to keep your feet dry. Specially knitted ventilation zones in the sole of the foot are designed for increased breathability. Furthermore, the elastic SoftFlex Zone of the JOBST Maternity Opaque Panty adapts and provides comfort to the growing belly.
There's no need to worry about compression stockings being unfashionable: all JOBST compression stockings come in different colors from skin tones and elegant black, to trendy modern colors.

Supporting Products

During the advanced stage of pregnancy, the JOBST Maternity Support Belt is designed to provide back relief and posture support. It is equipped with a modular hook-and-loop fastener that allows continuous adjustment to the growing belly.
The JOBST Maternity Belly Band can be used for waist and lower back support from the first signs of pregnancy, through to the middle of the third trimester.

For a discreet shaping effect and belly support, you can wear the JOBST Maternity Postnatal Tube during the first weeks after delivery.

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Extra Tips to Ease Belly and Back Strain

You can complement the use of JOBST Maternity products with special massages suitable for pregnant. This can help take the pressure off the lower back. Also, swimming eases tension and stress on your belly and back.

Discover JOBST Maternity

JOBST Maternity

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