Ready-to-Wear Compression for the Arms and Hands

JOBST Bella ready-to-wear compression garments are designed to provide effective but gentle compression therapy for edema of the arms and hands. The JOBST Bella LITE and STRONG varieties offer you the gradient compression you need to manage your edema effectively without forgoing comfort.

Your Garment for Edema Management

Lymphedema of the arms and hands can result from damage to the lymphatic system due to trauma, wound or skin infections, or as a complication from cancer treatment, among other causes. If you notice any swelling or other signs of lymphedema, you should consult your healthcare professional to get a correct diagnosis and initiate appropriate treatment. Wearing compression is one of the key elements in treating lymphedema. The earlier you start your treatment, the better your disease can be managed.

Compression Without Forgoing Comfort

JOBST Bella ready-to-wear circular-knit arm sleeves, gauntlets and gloves come in a variety of colors, regular and long lengths, and multiple sizes to fit a broad range of arm and hand sizes and shapes.

JOBST Bella garments are:

Support Your Edema Treatment

Managing your edema requires more than just compression therapy. It’s important to take care of your skin, both to prevent infections and to help it recover from compression. By exercising and moving regularly, you support the drainage of the lymph and improve your overall well-being.

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