Prevention with Compression

Lighter living: prevention with compression

Keep life light, with preventative compression therapy from JOBST

As well as being medically prescribed, JOBST compression garments can also be worn for pain-relief and to prevent the swelling of legs. Preventative compression is  particularly important for those with healthy veins and lymphatic vessels in reducing the risk of developing edema and similar conditions.

Gradient compression: effective principal of JOBST compression garments

Gradient compression garments have the greatest pressure at their bases, and reduce pressure as the compression garment goes up the arm or leg. This helps encourage the movement of fluids, whether its blood circulation or lymph fluid circulation. The gentle pressure helps blood vessels and lymph vessels absorb fluids more easily, providing relief for tired, aching feet, ankles, legs and counteracts swelling of arms and legs.

Gradient compression not only helps relieve symptoms, but can also help reduce risk of further complications.

Flat knit:

Flat-knitted garments are custom garments that can be made to fit more complex shapes. Those garments have less stretch, and so generally provide better edema control than circular knit garments. Flat knit garments are often chosen for irregular shaped limbs and for those patients with difficult-to-manage swelling.


Circular-knit garments are knitted on a round cylinder. They are seamless and more tubular shaped versus custom garments. With a bit more stretch, they are best suited for patients with mild to moderate lymphedema and more normal shaped limbs.

Gradient compression stockings are not only applied for the prevention or worsening of symptoms, they may also be worn as a preventative measure in the case of DVT.  Gradient compression stockings (GCS) help prevent the formation of blood clots in the legs by applying varying amounts of pressure to different parts of the leg.

JOBST offers a wide range of compression products for the prevention and treatment of different diseases e.g. venous disorders and lymphedema – with varying levels of  compression to fit your lifestyle and situation. Since venous and lymphatic diseases can progress, increasing the burden and interfering with daily life, prevention measures,  early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, including compression therapy are very important.

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