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Let’s talk lipedema

Lipedema affects numerous women worldwide. Yet, the condition and its symptoms are still relatively unknown.

Main symptoms:

The lack of awareness on the condition often leads to misdiagnosis, where lipedema is mistaken for obesity or lymphedema. We’re here to put an end to that. We want to start the conversation, raise awareness, and create positive change.
So, let’s talk lipedema.

The world’s first lipedema emojis

Did you know that approximately 10 billion emojis are sent worldwide every day? Emojis are more than just fun icons – they’re powerful tools for communication and expression. We strongly believe in the power of representation, which has led us to create unique lipedema emojis.

The emojis are designed to represent one of the key symptoms of lipedema – a disproportionate body shape with enlarged legs*. Some emojis also wear JOBST® compression garments, highlighting an effective way to relieve symptoms.

*To confirm the diagnosis the legs must be painful and tender to the touch.

Let’s fight the stigma and show support!

When you use our lipedema emojis or if you are a Healthcare Professional and share them within your practice, you actively contribute to breaking down the stigma that surrounds lipedema. Each use sends a powerful message of understanding, awareness, and support to those living with the condition.

Let’s make a change!

Together, we can create a positive shift in how society understands and reacts to lipedema. Download or share the lipedema emoji and start using it in your communication.


How to use?

For iOS, Android and Desktop:
Please download the emoji above.

For Instagram:
Find our Lipedema emojis on Giphy and include them in your story! Just search for 'lipedema,' 'compression,' 'compression garments,' or 'JOBST'.

Also, check out other platforms where Giphy is integrated, such as Messenger.

Lipedema + JOBST Compression

Most patients find compression therapy beneficial for managing the symptoms of lipedema and experiencing a reduction in pain, especially in combination with movement. JOBST compression garments for lipedema are expertly developed to suit individual body shapes, so everybody can benefit from the right comfort and support, giving women everywhere the relief they deserve.
Find out more about JOBST Confidence, where comfort is key and JOBST Elvarex, for reliable and firm support.

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