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Compression helps you to ease several conditions. For you to quickly find the right product in stores or online, we’ve reworked our pack design. Our new JOBST® pack design with an intuitive and distinct color-coding tells you immediately what sort of compression garment the box contains.

Here's an overview to help you to find the right fit.

Easy Portfolio Structure

A clear color-coding for our ready-to-wear products


For users who require compression therapy on a daily basis to help prevent and manage venous disease symptoms.

Everyday products covering all daily needs (core portfolio)

Everyday products focusing on special needs, e.g. patterns


For users who require compression therapy to help prevent venous disease symptoms during specific situations or trigger activities e.g. sports or travel.

Products designed for active movement covering low and high intensity activities

Products for traveling to help reduce the risk of blood clot formation


For users who require compression therapy in a special time of their life and for a fixed period of time, following HCP’s advice.



For users who need to maintain their edema following HCP’s advice.

Our JOBST Best Comfort Promise

We strive to offer compression garments that feel as comfortable as possible. Two aspects are at the heart of our promise: The highest quality standards in product development, materials, and production. And above all, close cooperation in product selection and fitting with healthcare professionals who know best what you need.

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