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We are pleased to share the groundbreaking strides we've achieved with JOBST Confidence, our compression solution designed for the comfort of people living with lymphedema.

In a recent clinical study*, 85 lymphedema patients evaluated JOBST Confidence and their previously worn garments. Our product received exceptional ratings across various criteria, including range of motion, moisture management, general wearing comfort, and overall patient satisfaction.

These findings reaffirm our commitment to providing innovative compression solutions that not only prioritize efficacy, but also empower patients to overcome barriers to wellbeing.

Dive into the study to understand how JOBST Confidence can make a meaningful difference in the lives of people living with lymphedema.

*Hirsch T, Arns H, Schleinitz J, Fiedler HW. An innovative flat-knit compression garment for lymphoedema patients led to better outcomes: a multicentre study. J Wound Care. 2024

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